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Awning Fabric Maintenance

Awning Fabric Maintenance

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Awning Fabric Maintenance


Awning Care Tips:

You have just purchased a new awning…. Protect Your Investment:

Your awning can make a powerful first impression. Whether its primary use is for signage, aesthetics, or shade, awnings are often the first impression a person will have of your workplace, company or home. To continue making your first impressions a favorable one, keeping your awning clean is crucial. Simple maintenance will not only improve your awnings appeal, it will also protect and significantly increase the life of your awning. 
The following information will help you the most out of your new awning…


Environmental Effects:

Stains occur when pollution, dirt, bird droppings, mildew and other contaminants are allowed to remain on the surface of an awning for an extended period of time. Contaminants can cause the awning material to weaken and age prematurely.


  • It’s important to clean stains immediately.
  • Plant shrubbery and vines away from the awnings. Many plants contain an acid that may be
    harmful for your awning.
  • Any paint splatters on fabric will hold dirt and mildew in fabric.
  • This will shorten the life of you awning and void your warranty.


Awning Repairs:

An awning is less expensive to maintain than it is to repair.


  • Small tears or holes need to be mended promptly so they wont have a chance to grow.
  • Repair rips and holes as soon as they happen.
  • Inspect frames annually. Rusted areas should be cleaned and re-painted. 


Awning Storage: 


  • Clean and dry awnings before you store them. Give them a final brushing to remove all debris.
  • Fold or roll, cover, and store your awning in a cool, dry place.
    A concrete floor is not a good place to store them. 



• Do keep the awnings clean. This is the best protection against mildew. Even on mildew resistant fabric, mildew can grow on accumulated dirt or foreign materials which remain on the top or bottom surface and eventually damage or stain the fabric. Astrup cannot be responsible for such damage.

• Do wash down your awnings. If they are vinyl coated, brush lightly with a cloth or soft brush. You can use a mild soap, but rinse thoroughly and immediately.

• Do hose your awning with clean water occasionally, every month or so. We recommend that you do this on a hot, sunny day.

• Do keep the underside of your awnings clean by simply brushing with a clean household broom.

• Do keep shrubbery and vines away from the awnings, as many bushes contain an acid which can be harmful to your awnings.

• Do check the condition of awning frames. Rust is not likely to form, but if it does, it might cause deterioration or staining of the fabric.



• Do not fold or roll the awning in cold temperature.

• Do not drag your awning across any abrasive surfaces, such as cement, asphalt, or the awning frame.

• Do not get insect spray on the fabric, as some solutions may impair the water repellency of the fabric and cause staining.

• Do not allow water to stand on the awnings, causing pocketing and possible stretching.

• Do not overlook small rips or tears. If a sharp object punctures the fabric, it should be repaired.

• Do not wash your awnings with a harsh or strong solution, or scrub too vigorously with an abrasive cleaner.

• Do not force or yank your awnings when raising or lowering them. Do it gradually.

• Do not cook food or have fires beneath or around the awning.

• Do not store awnings when damp or wet. Mildew is a fabric's greatest foe and is caused by dampness. Mildew may grow on the surface of a damp awning and permanently stain the fabric.

• Do not permit leaves, twigs, dirt, etc. to remain on your awnings as they might cause a staining of the fabric.


General Guidelines for Cleaning your Awning:


Awnings are an investment- one that deserves the protection of regular cleanings. An awning that is cleaned regularly is easier and faster to clean than one that is cleaned infrequently. It is important to keep your awning clean by starting a regular cleaning maintenance program from the following options: 


1. Clean the awning yourself: 

  • Close of the area to customers and pedestrians.
  • Brush of all debris, including dust.
  • Use only cleaners that are recommended for your type of awning material (See manufacture recommendations).
  • Clean from the bottom and work up.
  • Scrub the awning and valance with a soft bristled brush. 
  • Cover all parts of the awning. Missed spots will show when dry.
  • Rinse the awning completely. Film left on the material will leave marks and a chalky residue. 
  • Occasionally, rinse your awning down with a garden hose and keep the underside of your awning clean by simply brushing with a clean household broom. 

2) Call a professional awning cleaning service. 

Awnings make a lasting first impression- it’s important to keep it that way.




Date Published:2/5/2011




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